22 February 2012

What have you been learning?

Write a short comment to talk about something that you have been learning recently and you are really enjoying or not enjoying.  It can be something from school, home, family or friends.

1.  Write 50 words or more.
2.  Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before posting.
3.  You are writing an informal comment so you can use contractions.


    One day,in Pensilvania,the King of the Romantics Crazy Zombies met a beautiful woman who loved vegetables.She was holding a strange umbrella in her hand.He fell in love with the strange woman,but she had to take a flight from Pensilvania to Africa.
    And this is the end of this interesting story!!

  2. A new book that I read

    One day a guy of 15 years old start to smoke joins.
    he think that he can leave in the moment that he want
    but he start to put in cocaina and he was hooked to drugs
    but finallment he get leave the drugs.

  3. A friend, whose father has had several economics problems and mother died when he was 3, started to consume drugs. After that, his life changed. The police arrested him several times, and the last one, he had 100 grams of cocaine so, he entered into a special detoxification program. But, thanks to his friends and father, who is now a rich man, he got leave drugs.

    I've learnt with this that, when you have problems and you think that you're lonely, you can ask for help to your friends and family, because they are always there when you need them.

  4. Recently a person started to say me wonderful things, like``you are very kind, oh!you look beautiful today...´´.I was so happy that a person appreciates me without a reason. We started a friend relationship and I've been doing what she wanted all the time, until I've seen that she only said those good things for her own benefit.
    So, I've learned that you mustn't trust in people who
    say pretty things because,usually, they want something of you.