20 February 2012

One Day

Here's a video.  Watch the video and write 60 words, say:
1.  What the video is about.
2.  What you like and don't like about the video.
3.  Do you agree with the message of the video?

Remember to:
1.  Check your grammar and spelling
2.  Use interesting vocabulary.

1 comment:

  1. 1.The video is about people who make favors to other people. And even when things go wrong to them, a small detail can makes people happier and those things make you a better person.
    2.I like every things about the video. It is very beautiful. And you can see that you always can do something good and your age,race,sex don't matter.
    3.Yes, of course. You have to be glad to be in this world and don't be sab because things are wrong now it can chages in any time. And one day every one will be the same, no poor people, no more wars. You never have to lose hope.