22 February 2012

What have you been learning?

Write a short comment to talk about something that you have been learning recently and you are really enjoying or not enjoying.  It can be something from school, home, family or friends.

1.  Write 50 words or more.
2.  Check your spelling, grammar and punctuation before posting.
3.  You are writing an informal comment so you can use contractions.

20 February 2012

One Day

Here's a video.  Watch the video and write 60 words, say:
1.  What the video is about.
2.  What you like and don't like about the video.
3.  Do you agree with the message of the video?

Remember to:
1.  Check your grammar and spelling
2.  Use interesting vocabulary.

Webquest - What's on?

Hello all.  Today we are going to do a webquest using a fantastic website:


This website gives information about events happening all over the world. You are going to choose events you'd like to go to, then talk about them with your classmates.

For homework, you are going to write a short article.