26 October 2011

What have you learned this week?

Write a post telling me what you have learned in English class this week. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like. What do you think about the book? What would you like to do next week? Is there a topic you would like to talk about? Let me know.

1. Login into the blog with your email and password.
2. Click on NEW POST
3. Give your post a title.
4. Write about 60 words.
5. Type your name in LABELS
6. Check your grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
7. Click on PUBLISH POST.

Don't forget to do ELI Online.


  1. We have learnt when we have to use the past simple and the present perfec and the diferents between both.We have learnt some phrasal verbs too. I didn´t like phrasal verbs becaouse they are dificult to me but step by spet I´m learning more and I like it.
    The book is not the most funny thing but it´s ok.
    I´d like to practice more speaking and listening.

  2. We have learnt the satative and dynamic verbs and when we use them. We have learnt the past simple and the present perfect again. We have practise with the phrasal verbs, too, and where do we place the noum and the pronoum, between other things.
    I'm not good at speaking so I'd like to practise it more.

  3. We spoke about the past simple and past perfect. We also saw the time expresions of the past.
    We learnt the phrasel verbs and we did some sentences.
    I don´t like copy theory, I prefer speack or to do exercises.

  4. Only 3 did their homework - this is not good. For those of you who did your homework - well done! It seems that you would like to do some speaking - so we will do that today.