15 December 2011

Seville or Betis?

Here's our video - What do you think?

GoAnimate.com: Seville or Betis by HelCol12

Like it? Create your own at GoAnimate.com. It's free and fun!

5 December 2011

Unit 3 - Modals of Obligation - Past and Present

Here's a video of the rules and regulations in our lives.

T6 - Modals of Obligation, Permission and Prohibition on PhotoPeach

27 November 2011

The World Population

20 November 2011

Present Perfect Extra

Need extra practice with Present Perfect? Here is some more information on the Present Perfect.

17 November 2011

Unit 3 - Modals of Obligation - Present

Test your knowledge of Modals of Obligation, Permission and Prohibition!

26 October 2011

What have you learned this week?

Write a post telling me what you have learned in English class this week. Tell me what you liked and what you didn't like. What do you think about the book? What would you like to do next week? Is there a topic you would like to talk about? Let me know.

1. Login into the blog with your email and password.
2. Click on NEW POST
3. Give your post a title.
4. Write about 60 words.
5. Type your name in LABELS
6. Check your grammar, punctuation and vocabulary.
7. Click on PUBLISH POST.

Don't forget to do ELI Online.

23 October 2011

Unit 2A - Describe a Journey

Write about a typical journey you make - to school, to the beach, to your village.

1. Log in to blogger and create a new post.
2. Write a blog post of about 50 words.
3. Remember to check your grammar and punctuation.
4. Use these words.

19 October 2011

Unit 2A - Journeys

If you could travel around the world on an adventure, how would you prefer to travel? Why? Write a comment. Write about 50 words.

  1. Click on "Comment"
  2. Login with your Google Account
  3. Write your message
  4. Check spelling, grammar and punctuation. Ask your partner to help you.
  5. Click on "Post Comment"

17 October 2011

16 October 2011

T6 Blog: Mysong

T6 Blog: Mysong: this is not my favorite song, but this well, has good pace

5 October 2011


This is my favourite song because it is amazing and funny song. When I listen to this song, I remember all my summer and I feel happy. I like Marc Anthony


This is my favourite song because of I love rap music and the rythm of it is amazing. I really like it because it tells us about politics and criticizes it.


This is one of my favourite songs because I feel very calm when I hear this melody. Her voice is very beautiful and I remember good things when I listen to the songs.


this is my favourite song,because the song is beautiful, good rhythm, and it is


this is my favourite song because this is very beautiful. this song speak about a men that he only love a woman ,only one! This song remembers me how beautiful is love.
Also, I love this singer, he's very handsome and a amazing dancer!


I like this song because I like house music and motive me because is very interesting and funny.I like this dj because is the best of the world and Akon is other of the best singer of the world, they are very famous and cheerfull.
I saw David Guetta in Ibiza when I was 12 years old


I love this song and I think this group is great! I saw them at a concert when I was in Peru and I always remember them. This song makes me feel happy and free because I remember one of the best times of my life. I had a fantastic time when I was in South America and I'll always remember it has one of the best times of my life!

25 September 2011

How we like to work

24 September 2011

Welcome T6 2011

Hello and welcome to our class blog. This is a place where you can find lots of great links to help you learn and improve your English. We will use this blog in class and for homework.